A brave adventure. An expert guide.
Waypaver International Modular Factory Consultants

Waypaver™ International was formed by three long-time friends who’ve worked together for years in volumetric modular factory design, operation, and ownership. We’ve lived the dream. We’ve survived the hard knocks. We’re here to help you size up the potential, count the cost, and pave your way to success. Waypaver will help you think big without underestimating the challenges you’ll face in establishing and running a volumetric modular construction factory. As your consultants, we take this work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously, because this should be fun for both you and us.



Found your factory on decades of lessons learned.

Creating and running successful modular factories as industry pioneers have been exciting—and humbling. Today, our business is all about helping you understand risks, avoid costly mistakes, and enjoy the adventure. Our leadership team below covers all the bases, bringing decades of modular factory success as consultants to your project.


CEO / Founder


Mastery—Modular: 45+ yrs, Consulting: 20+ yrs, Automation: 2 yrs

Skillset—Modular pioneer, factory black belt, industry visionary

Dream—Making modular the preferred way to build—worldwide

Rick has paved the way in the volumetric modular industry—founding, building, and running three thriving companies in the process. His 47 years as a modular leader range from his years as co-founder of Guerdon Enterprises to his latest role of designing a first-of-its-kind automated factory and getting it built.


Skilled in all facets of volumetric modular—from factory operation to final assembly onsite—Rick has created and managed factories, brought developers and factories together, and helped many factory owners find success. Rick’s leadership style is to set a clear and ambitious vision, remove roadblocks, and serve the entire team. 


Rick is a visionary realist, who sees such tremendous value in modular that he’s devoted his life to taking on challenges, making breakthroughs, and sharing proven success formulas.


VP / Partner

Mastery—Ops & Startups: 14 yrs,
Modular: 9 yrs

Skillset—Ops ninja, culture rock star, marketing pro, Modular Maven

Dream—Attainable housing for all, enjoyable work for you

Merrick brings an essential skillset in operations, finance, management, and culture—built on years of experience in modular, beginning at Guerdon. She has repeatedly risen to leadership roles in large operations and startups as a multifaceted problem solver and team builder. 


As a project manager, Merrick has driven key support functions of some of the most innovative and successful large-scale modular projects in the West. As a management team executive, she is versed in talent acquisition and building lasting team culture, operations and marketing, and ground-up corporate office design—including 2,500 square-foot, 6,000 square-foot, and 30,000 square-foot office spaces. A strong believer in social good, she has founded and led community nonprofits. 


Merrick has a passion to grow the industry and create fun, empowering cultures where each employee looks forward to coming to work.


Project Manager 


Mastery—Modular: 55+ yrs, Factory Ownership 35 yrs, Consulting: 13 yrs

Skillset—Modular veteran, global expert, industry giant

Dream—World-class modular factories everywhere the world needs them

Roger has dedicated his life to affordable housing and the modular industry. After 20 years helping establish and grow the factory home industry, he founded Penn Lyon Homes—a manufacturer of high-quality single-family and commercial structures. 


Roger’s depth and breadth of global factory experience is truly unmatched.  After over a decade running his own factory, he formed a consulting firm focused on developing modular factories worldwide. He helped his customers establish 12 modular factories in 7 countries before joining Waypaver in 2017. 


Roger is a true industry partner, who has served as Chairman of the National Modular Housing Council, President of the Modular Council at the National Association of Home Builders, Chairman of the Building Systems Council—and has been recognized with the S.A. Walters Award.


Manufacturing Project Manager 


Mastery—Modular: 30+ yrs,
Onsite Modular and GC: 25 yrs, Service/Warranty 25 yrs

Skillset—Modular A-Z, hands on and supervisory, sites and factory

Dream—Mainstreaming modular throughout the world

Joe is among the most experienced modular pros in the business. He has completed more than 60 total multifamily projects and hundreds of single-family projects across 15 western states plus Canada and Texas. 
Joe began his modular career in 1989, spending over 2 years rotating through all factory stations to learn every aspect of factory operation. He then began doing service and warranty work as a liaison between retailer, factory, and customer. He has directed onsite services for two major modular companies, and acted as project manager for the general contracting arm of one of the nation’s largest developers. 
Joe is a true jack of all trades in modular and a true believer in the modular approach. He also has decades of history working with the other members of Waypaver.




Mastery—Modular 30+ yrs, Design/Modeling 30+ yrs,

Automation 3 yrs

Skillset—Modular pioneer, design powerhouse, automation innovator

Dream—Creating housing products that are manufactured with car factory speed and precision.

Curtis has grown his starting role in drafting into a multifaceted 30-year career in project planning and design across commercial and residential construction markets.

Curtis has pioneered best practices with project stakeholders and automation teams in multifamily modular. He brings hands-on product design and manufacturing expertise to leadership roles at the world’s first automated volumetric plant, a unique housing product platform, and the nation’s premiere modular preconstruction firm.


Curtis is passionate about pioneering many best practices at the intersection of architecture, construction, manufacturing, automation, and robotics.